2014 Summer Issue


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In this issue:

ARS Statement for 2014 ABM Participants
Click here to read a Statement from the CCC Chair and ARS Chair for IFD and Motion Submissions to the 2014 ABM

General Manager’s Report
Click here to read the General Manager’s Report

Letter from the BOT Chair
Click here to read a message from the BOT Chair

Introduction to New (Yet Seasoned) BOT Member
Click here to read the story of Chris D., the BOT’s newest member

Message from the Chair of the BGNC- Rick B.

Click here to read a message from Rick B., Chair of the BGNC (Board Governance and Nominating Committee)

BOT Nomination Flyer
Click here to download a BOT Nomination Flyer for your meetings

BOT- Roles and Responsibilities
Interested in becoming a Board of Trustees member? Click here to read its roles and responsibilities

BOT Finance Committee Report
Click here to read the report from the BFOC

Letter from the Auditor

Click here to read the letter from the auditor

Final Audit
Click here to read the final audit of S.L.A.A.

CPOC Report
Click here to read the Conference Prison Outreach Committee report

CPOC Flyer
Click here to get a copy of the CPOC flyer for your meetings

FWS News Submissions and Format
Click here to read how to submit to the FWS News and its deadlines

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