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Become a Journal Representative

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Are you looking for a service commitment?

It’s easy to become a Journal Representative!!
The Journal brings fresh perspective to meetings and S.L.A.A. members. Think about it. The experience, strength, and hope of everyone in the program, world wide, is available in print! “Who could pass that up?”, you ask? We answer: “People who don’t know about it!”

Please help the love and sex addict, who still suffers, by becoming a Journal Representative! All there is to it, is your willingness to commit to do a few simple things: You can help generate subscriptions and stories by making announcements at the meetings you attend. You can also make sure subscription forms are available to those who want them, by printing out some Journal order forms HERE.

Make sure there is a good supply at the meetings you attend! Also, be aware of the submission guidelines, and encourage folks at your meetings to write about their experience, strength, and hope… and to submit the stories. Commit yourself to writing for the Journal too!  For more information on this and to register with us, please email The Journal Committee 

the Journal
1550 NE Loop 410, Ste 118
San Antonio, TX 78209