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Start a New S.L.A.A. Intergroup

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An S.L.A.A. Intergroup is a collective service made up of area S.L.A.A. Groups whose purpose is to provide local information and outreach to those seeking help with sex and love addiction.  Any two or more groups in an area can start an Intergroup.  An Intergroup area can include one or more cities, states, or even countries.  Starting an Intergroup is an important step, as it combines the resources of several groups to do more than one group might be able to on its own.  Learn what an Intergroup does here.  To get started, follow the recommendations below.

  1. Download the Intergroup Starter Kit
    This kit contains all the information and resources you need to begin and is free.
    Intergroup Starter Kit.pdf      Editable Business Meeting Format.rtf
  2. Elect a sober member from each Group to act as an Intergroup Representative.
    Your Intergroup can then establish service positions and begin developing the framework of the Intergroup.  You can read more about this in the Starter Kit.
  3. Register with Fellowship-Wide Services
    You should register with F.W.S. after your Intergroup has had one Business Meeting.  Registering helps the F.W.S. office provide better service to your Intergroup and can also be important if proof of affiliation with S.L.A.A. is requested by your bank when opening an account.  The Registration Form should be submitted on an annual basis or as needed to keep your information current.  The Registration Area is located at https://slaafws.org/registerintergroup and contains more information.
  4. Consider attending the Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M).
    The ABC/M is the yearly event where elected Delegates from Intergroups all around the world gather to help shape the future of S.L.A.A.  Any S.L.A.A. Intergroup has the opportunity to participate in this important service and meet with some wonderful recovering people.  LEARN MORE
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