Write for the Anorexia 4567 Project

Anorexia 4-5-6-7 Project description: “Anorexia 4-5-6-7: Working the Program and Not the Problem” is the working title of a piece of literature being developed by the Conference Anorexia Committee (CAC) that will focus on anorexia and Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7. The content of the booklet will primarily be anorectic member experiences with these steps, accompanied by discussion questions and meditations.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please read before proceeding

  • Share your own experience, strength and hope, focusing on your own perspective. Write in the first person singular – “I.” Please avoid the use of the pronoun “you.” Anorexia recovery material is a field that is very much still developing and growing. We need your unique stories, lessons and growth to expand the available literature for anorexia recovery. Please share with us a most valuable resource – your experiences with Steps 4, 5, 6 or 7 as an anorectic. These four steps are what enable God to do for us what we can not do for ourselves.
  • In addition to shares on Steps 4, 5, 6, and 7, we are also collecting meditations that focus on anorexia and steps 4,5,6 and 7. In all written meditations we ask that you refer to your Higher Power as “God” or “Higher Power” rather than other religious terms. Some may ask: “What would I write as a meditation on my selected step?” A source of ideas for a meditation – your daily dialogues with God, the things you ask God for in moments of powerlessness, fear, willfulness, when intimacy issues arise, or simply when you feel triggered. Meditation can simply be seen as a conversation with your Higher Power.
  • Remembering our primary purpose and our 12 Traditions, please focus on the S.L.A.A. message. Avoid generalities, outside issues and religious philosophy or doctrine. S.L.A.A. members in other Twelve Step programs are asked to write only of their experience in the S.L.A.A. program.
  • Not all sharing sheets may be used. If your sharing sheet is used, it may be edited for length, grammar and/or explicit or offensive language. To the greatest extent possible we will try to preserve the spirit and intent of your submission. 

Reason for Mailing Address and Phone Number Fields: If printed, your sharing will remain anonymous. In order to communicate with you about your sharing sheet, we will need your name and either address, phone number, or email. This contact information is not mandatory, but if we have questions about your share and can’t contact you to clarify them, we may not be able to use your sharing sheet.

If you write on more than one Step or Step Meditation, please resubmit a separate form for each.

Note: All sharings become the property of the Augustine Fellowship, Inc. and may be used in whole or in part to develop S.L.A.A. material. If your sharing is not used for the Anorexia 4-5-6-7 Booklet, it may be forwarded to the editor of the Journal for review and possible publication in the Journal.


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