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Review Process for Website Content Requests

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The F.W.S. Webmaster acts under the primary direction of the F.W.S. Office Supervisor.  The Webmaster and the Office Supervisor field all requests pertaining to the F.W.S. .  Requests that require review are submitted by the Office Supervisor or the Webmaster to the Board Programs and Membership Committee and then to appropriate if necessary.  The resulting consensus of this review process is formed into an action item and implemented by the Webmaster with the guidance of the Office Supervisor.   Requests not requiring review such as technical problems, spelling, grammar, or incorrect data are handled directly as needed.

The design, images, and text of this website are copyrighted and may not be duplicated for use in other publications or websites without the express written permission of The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A., Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.  This website may contain corporate logos for services used by Fellowship-Wide Services for outreach and e-commerce.  No affiliation or endorsement of these is implied.