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2022 Annual Business Conference/Meeting

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ABM 2022 Banner Sacramento, CA August 9-12

Hilton Arden West Hotel

2200 Harvard St. Sacramento, CA 95815 USA


Please do not call the hotel

The Annual Business Conference/Meeting (ABC/M) is the once a year event at which Conference Delegates participate in discussing Items (IFDs) and voting on Motions to provide consensus and direction to . More importantly, the ABC/M is dedicated to forming community-wide group conscience and supporting and recovery within the S.L.A.A. program.

Motions and IFDs can be submitted Here.

If you have questions about Delegate Qualifications, Duties, or how many Delegates your Intergroup can send, Please see the By-Laws, Article V, Section 5; or the Conference Service Manual, page 14.

ABM Registration/Payment includes:

Participation in the 2022 Annual Business Conference/Meeting Tue Aug 9 – Fri Aug 12, 2022 and all Conference activities, speaker , and entertainment.

2022 ABC/M Registration Fees

Cost below reflects the $610 scholarship toward housing and food automatically granted to every Delegate and the scholarship automatically granted to Delegates outside North America for Registration.
All prices with housing reflect Double/Shared Occupancy room.
Upgrade to Single room for $180.

Price per person
Includes meals
Early Registration
By May 26
Regular Price
After May 26
Late Registration
After June 25
Delegate North America
Registration Plus 3 nights Double/Shared
Delegate Outside North America
Registration Plus 3 nights Double/Shared
Delegate Sacramento Commuter
Non-Delegate Observer
Registration Plus 3 nights Double/Shared
Non-Delegate Observer Sacramento Commuter
Non-Delegate Observer
One Day Pass

Cancellation Policy

By May 26
Full RefundFull RefundFull Refund
May 27 – June 25
50% Refund50% Refund50% Refund
After June 25
No RefundNo RefundNo Refund

Get Information on hosting the ABC/M/IRC in 2023-202

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