Free S.L.A.A. Outreach Materials

Recommended Reading: Suggestions for Public Outreach (PDF)
Also, please read the 12 Recommended Guidelines for Dealing with the Media for helpful direction when doing local outreach efforts. In addition to observing our 12
Traditions, please be aware that sending mass unsolicited emails constitutes spam and is illegal in the U.S., but mass mailings to physical addresses are legal.

5th Tradition Outreach Cards

Carry these with you to give to the addict who still suffers when sharing S.L.A.A. recovery. One-sided so you can write your phone number on the back. Download the PDF to print, or design your own!

Outreach Card
Download PDF
Printing Instructions

These outreach cards are also available for purchase through the F.W.S. Store at

Letter to the Professional

The Board approved a Letter to the Professional for distribution to healthcare professionals .
Use or edit this letter to suit your local outreach efforts.

Letter to Professionals

Download PDF

S.L.A.A. Free Pamphlets

There are two free S.L.A.A. Pamphlets you may print that are
especially helpful for outreach efforts:

For the Professional
For the Professional Pamphlet

Download PDF
Addicted to Sex? Addicted to Love?
Addicted to Sex Pamphlet
Download PDF

Free Issue of the Journal

You may also print and distribute the special free issue of the Journal,
the official magazine of S.L.A.A. This issue was created especially for
newcomers and healthcare professionals.

Free Issue of the Journal Free Issue of the Journal
Download B&W PDF
Download COLOR PDF

Large 2.5′ x 6′ S.L.A.A. Banners


These are designs for 2.5′ x 6′ banners to display at Group or Intergroup meetings, S.L.A.A. retreats, or for doing outreach at Healthcare Professional Conferences or 12-Step Conventions. Download the PDF and take to a local printer. The cost ranges from $20 to $50 per banner at most print shops.

The 12 Steps
Twelve Steps Banner
Download PDF
The 12 Traditions
Twelve Traditions Banner
Download PDF

The 12 Concepts
Twelve Concepts Banner
Download PDF

The S.L.A.A. Preamble
Preamble Banner
Download PDF

12 Characteristics
Characteristics Banner
Download PDF

Signs of Recovery
Signs of Recovery Banner
Download PDF

Steps/Traditions Combo
Steps and Traditions Combo Banner
Download PDF

Characteristics/Signs Combo
Characteristics/Signs Combo Banner
Download PDF

Website Banner
Website Banner
Download PDF

You may also contact the Conference Public Information Committee (CPIC)