Conference Healthy Relationships Committee (CHRC)

Mission Statement:

The Conference Healthy Relationships Committee (CHRC) is a group of ABC/M delegates and individual members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous devoted to developing resources that enhance our capacity for healthy relationships.

Recent conference-approved literature developed:
  • “Healthy Relationships: Romantic and Committed Partnerships” pamphlet was conference-approved at the 2018 ABM and is currently on sale in the FWS store.
  • “The Gift of No Contact” was conference-approved at the 2019 ABM and will be published soon.
Current Projects:
  • Developing a weekly telephone meeting focused on healthy relationships of all kinds.
  • Compiling already existing resources within S.L.A.A. regarding healthy relationships in hopes of developing a central resource.
  • Developing an audio/digital source for experience, strength, and hope, speakers, topics, inspiration, etc. as a resource available to all.
  • Ongoing writing projects for developing new literature.
We meet via conference call for 1 hour the first Sunday of each month. If you would like to be of service and join the CHRC or have any questions, please contact us through the form on this page.