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Conference Sponsorship Committee (CSPC)
What is the Conference Sponsorship Committee (CSPC)? The Conference Sponsorship Committee (CSPC) welcomes your questions, ideas and participation. The CSPC is dedicated to promoting recovery by dr…
Conference Member Retention Committee (CMRC)
MEMBER RETENTION SURVEY View these most recent Member Retention Survey Articles: MRC Survey Article #1.doc MRC Survey Article #2.doc MRC Survey Article #3.doc…
Conference Literature Committee (CLC)
What can I Do as a Member of the CLC? Join a writing group to read and edit one of the new pieces of S.L.A.A. literature already submitted to the CLC. Propose a new piece of S.L.A.A. Literatur…
Conference Intergroup Communications Committee (CICC)
All S.L.A.A. Intergroups, Groups, and Members are welcome. The S.L.A.A. Service Forum is a project administered by the Conference Intergroup Communications Committee. The views expressed in the Servic…
Conference Anorexia Committee (CAC)
Resources Available for Anorexia:Anorexia 50 Questions for Self-Diagnosis What is Anorexia? What Is Anorexia?, excerpted from the conference-approved Anorexia: Sexual, Social, Emotional pamphlet, …

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