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Public Contact Suggestions for Groups and Intergroups

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In keeping with the spirit of anonymity, publishing of personal email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses is not permitted on the F.W.S. .

The following are suggestions for anonymous methods for your Group or Intergroup.

  • Email Address – A free email can be used to sign up for a Group or Intergroup email address such as somecityslaa@yahoo.com or gmail.com.  This address can be passed on when service positions rotate eliminating the problem of lost data from using private email addresses.
  • Phone Number – There are free phone number services such as Google Voice where you can obtain an anonymous phone number that can be forwarded anywhere and to multiple numbers.  Most even have voicemail capability.  This prevents the problem of changing phone numbers frequently when members rotate out of service.
  • Mailing Address – The vast majority of Groups and have Post Office boxes.  These are inexpensive and the best way to receive mail without breaking anyone’s anonymity.

All S.L.A.A. Groups and Intergroups are autonomous.  While these suggestions are practical, they apply only to the contact information published on the F.W.S. website.  Contacts appearing in your local area or on your Intergroup’s website should be decided by your Group Conscience.

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