Your Contributions to F.W.S. Matter!

Contributions from Members are an integral part of keeping Fellowship-Wide Services working to help carry the message.  To learn how F.W.S. uses your contributions, see the document, Did You Know That F.W.S…

Tradition 7 states: ” Every S.L.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”  This means that only people who consider themselves to be members of S.L.A.A. should make a contribution. The policy of Fellowship-Wide Services is that $20,000 is the maximum amount an individual may contribute per fiscal year. (See footnote* below for more details)

Is your Group or Intergroup registered with F.W.S.? 
Contributing to F.W.S. does not automatically register your Group or Intergroup with F.W.S.
To check registration status, visit
To get your Group registered, visit
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Contribute to F.W.S. Online
Fastest, most efficient way to make your contributions to F.W.S. Choose One Time or Automated Recurring Contributions and create an account where you can manage your giving.

Make a Contribution to Fellowship-Wide Services of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous  Ways You Can Contribute    Give Securely


Contribute to F.W.S. By Mail

Print the Mail Contribution Form


Mail Form and Check or Money Order Payable to
The Augustine Fellowship to:
Fellowship-Wide Services
1550 NE Loop 410, Ste 118
San Antonio, TX 78209


Contribute to F.W.S. By PhoneCREDIT CARD BY PHONE
Call 1-210-828-7900
For more information about making group and Intergroup contributions, download Supporting SLAA The 60/40 Way.

If you are a group or Intergroup treasurer and would like to request pre-printed contribution envelopes, please contact the FWS office at 1-210-828-7900.

* The fiscal year of Fellowship-Wide Services runs from October 1st through September 30th.
* You may contribute more than $20,000 per fiscal year if the contribution is to the Prudent Reserve Fund. Call the F.W.S. Office for details at 1-210-828-7900.