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COVID-19 Updates

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We are shipping five days per week.  Some International shipments are being rejected due to COVID-19, see note at the online store.

Suggestions for managing security and anonymity on Zoom – 14 Apr 2020

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Dear Fellow Members of S.L.A.A.,

The Board of Trustees is following the rapidly changing international developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We want you to know we share your concerns regarding the health of individuals, meetings and Intergroups of the Fellowship. Talking about the issue now and through Group Conscience may provide you best results as you look to focus on your common welfare and primary purpose. In response to specific inquiries about choices you face, we offer our thoughts.

Each individual, Group and Intergroup must decide both individually and by Group Conscience what they need to stay safe and healthy while still serving the addict that still suffers.
Individuals, Groups and Intergroups can contact their local and National Public Health organizations to seek guidelines and help as they make their decisions. See this link:

Some individuals, Groups and Intergroups have already adopted measures such as:

  • Temporarily forego holding hands
  • Suspend the “passing of the basket” and locate the basket in a single place or have one person walk around with the basket
  • Provide hand sanitizer near or on literature tables
  • Space chairs farther apart than usual
  • Add additional seating rows to allow for greater distance between members
  • Request that individuals ask each other prior to hugging or handshaking
  • Temporarily suspend in-person meetings and attend online/phone meetings – possibly even creating their own
  • Take personal health precautions such as staying home if you don’t feel well, washing hands, and avoiding touching your face
  • Suspend hospitality service of food and drink

Regardless of what a group decides, each individual is responsible for their own health and well-being and must ultimately decide what is right for them.

Our FWS office in San Antonio, TX has altered who is working in the office and, where possible, they will be working from home so they remain as safe as possible.

These are indeed extraordinary times for all of us so please utilize self-care to keep yourself safe.

Together in Fellowship,

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