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Registration Status and Lost F.W.S. ID Requests

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Attention: If you are inquiring about an Intergroup or a Group that has not joined an Intergroup:
Your F.W.S. ID Numbers are available on the Directory at https://slaafws.org/meetings. They appear at the top of your listing.

If you are one of the above and you do not find your listing on the Directory, then you are not registered with F.W.S.   To get registered, please visit the Group and Meeting Management page.

If your Group has joined an Intergroup or if you are unsure, request registration status or lost F.W.S ID using the form below.

Email Address(Required)
Reason for Request(Required)
Has the Group joined an Intergroup?(Required)
If your Group has not joined an Intergroup, see note at the top of this page.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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