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S.L.A.A. Intellectual Property and Translation Information

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Recommended Reading:

pdf fileWhat’s in a Name?  December 2009 F.W.S. Newsletter Article about the use of S.L.A.A. resources

pdf fileAugust 2011 Article about S.L.A.A. copyright and use of S.L.A.A. logos.

pdf fileUpdated 2016:  Is it Really Necessary to Request Permission to Copy, Distribute and/or Translate S.L.A.A. Conference-Approved Literature?

pdf file Local Website Guidelines  Guidelines for Websites Created or Managed by S.L.A.A. Groups or Intergroups.

Translate S.L.A.A. Literature

The following documents are for those with an interest in translating S.L.A.A. Copyrighted literature.  Please download and read the documents below for all the information you need to submit your request.  If you have questions about translating S.L.A.A. literature please CLICK HERE.

pdf fileA Simple Guide to the Translation Process

pdf fileConference Translation and International Outreach Committee Flyer – Help Carry the Message Around the World!

pdf fileTranslation Copyright Packet  Complete Instructions, Guidelines, and Fillable Forms

pdf fileTranslation Guidelines  BOT approved May 12th, 2018, CTIOC Approved, January 2016

pdf fileLicense to Reproduce and Distribute Copyrighted Work To be completed upon satisfaction of all requirements and approval of publications by Fellowship-Wide Services.