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What is an S.L.A.A. Intergroup?

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An Intergroup is an assembly of representatives from area S.L.A.A. Groups whose purpose is to provide information and to those seeking help with sex and love .

What are the functions of an Intergroup?

  • Maintain and provide a Local Meeting List to the Community
  • Relay important S.L.A.A. information and news from F.W.S.
  • Encourage and Promote Different Types of
  • Special Meetings, Retreats or Conferences
  • Elect and send a Delegate to the Annual Business Meeting
  • Hold Special for Fun or for Fund-raising
  • Determine How are Used
  • Staff Help Lines or Call Centers
  • Get the word out to the Community about S.L.A.A. through Outreach
  • Publish Intergroup Newsletters
  • Maintain an Intergroup
  • Elect Officers and Other Service Positions
  • Maintain Archives/Records for the Intergroup
  • Host the International Recovery Convention

If your new or existing S.L.A.A. Group is looking for an Intergroup to join, go to  If there is an Intergroup within your area or at a reasonable distance, them to request to be added as a Group.  Next, get registered with F.W.S. at  Your new Group should meet 3 times before registering.

But there isn't an Intergroup in my area.

If your Group has no Intergroup established in the region to join, that Group is called a Lone Group.  While it is better to have the support of an Intergroup for the resources above, Lone Groups are recognized by and are listed individually on the Directory at

Multiple Lone Groups in an area can form an Intergroup, and it is recommended to do so if possible.  Please contact F.W.S. for more information at or visit