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50th Anniversary Basic Text

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At the 2017 Annual Business Meeting (ABM), the Conference authorized the production of a special edition of our Basic Text (BT) for the fellowship’s 50th anniversary in 2026. A committee was formed, the 50th-anniversary Basic Text Subcommittee (50BTS) of the Conference Literature Committee (CLC), which has been working to create this new edition. The links below will take you to documents that, we hope, will answer any questions you may have. Please pass this information on to your fellow members and intergroups.

Please note all links below will take you away from the S.L.A.A. website, please use your browser’s back button to return to this page.

  1. What? Description of the 50th-Anniversary Edition of S.L.A.A.’s Basic Text
  2. Why? A History of the SLAA Basic Text (edited Feb. 2024)
  3. How? How the Editing Was Done
  4. Who? Who Is Doing the Work (edited Feb 2024)


Please read the draft and share in your groups and intergroups. You can request the draft of the new edition of the Basic Text at


  1. Summary of the Change, Not to Change Survey (2021)
  2. Rounding the Bend–Progress on the 50th-Anniversary Edition of the S.L.A.A. Basic Text–November 2023
  3. the JournalSharing Our Feelings: An Essential Tool for Recovery–Stephen S. and Deb W. December 2023
  4. the Journal–Conversations with the Founder–Sharon S.

          If you are interested in this important opportunity for service on the Conference Literature Committee (CLC), send a message to the CLC at