Conference Diversity Committee (CDC)

Mission Statement:

The Conference Diversity Committee (CDC) is a group of ABC/M delegates and individual members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous interested in the following goals:

• Representing and honoring the considerable diversity of patterns and forms
of sex and love addiction inside and outside S.L.A.A.
• Honoring and helping diverse groups within S.L.A.A. get their recovery
needs met in the Fellowship.
• Supporting groups in creating formats to carry the S.L.A.A. message to
other sex and love addicts.
• Carrying the S.L.A.A. message to broader groups of people around the world.

Download the Document Here  This document is being reviewed and will be re-uploaded soon.

The Catalogue of Diverse Meeting Formats is a 55-page document created by the Conference Diversity Committee (CDC) containing examples of Meeting Formats submitted by real S.L.A.A. Groups.

Examples include meetings devoted to sexual or emotional anorexia, the eleventh step, gay and lesbian members, healthy relationships, battered women, young people and bisexual members, as well as French and Portuguese meeting formats.

Be of Service with the Diversity Committee

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