Conference Diversity Committee (CDC)

Mission Statement:

The Conference Diversity Committee (CDC) is a group of ABC/M delegates and individual members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous interested in the following goals:

  • Representing and honoring the considerable diversity of patterns and forms of sex and love addiction inside and outside S.L.A.A.
  • Honoring and helping diverse groups within S.L.A.A. get their recovery needs met in the Fellowship.
  • Supporting groups in creating formats to carry the S.L.A.A. message to other sex and love addicts.
  • Carrying the S.L.A.A. message to broader groups of people around the world.



  • Catalogue of Diverse Meeting Formats containing examples of Meeting Formats submitted by real S.L.A.A. Groups including LGBTQ, Women’s, Anorexia meetings

  • Collect Diverse Audio Shares: Record and compile a variety of long audio shares in different languages, from different backgrounds and addiction patterns, for use in a future phone app

  • Revise/submit Diversity Statement to the 2018 ABM for adoption by Fellowship Wide Services and dissemination throughout our fellowship.

  • Encourage diversity/inclusion training for S.L.A.A. board and staff

  • Collect and compile diverse written shares for inclusion in a special Diversity-themed Journal issue    Diversity Journal Issue Flier

Anyone who wishes to work with the CDC or contact the CDC for any reason may send a message through the CDC’s page at the FWS web site,, or leave a message with the FWS office. Phone: 1-210-828-7900

Be of Service with the Diversity Committee

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