Conference Translation and International Outreach Committee

Mission Statement:

The Conference Translation and International Outreach Committee (CTIOC) is responsible for providing support to International S.L.A.A. Intergroups and/or groups to carry the message of recovery to the suffering sex and love addict in his/her own language.

The CTIOC goals include:

• Creating and updating an inventory of all S.L.A.A. copyrighted literature that has been translated.
• Collecting the 8 Core Documents* of S.L.A.A. from as many Intergroups/Groups that have translated them.
• Encouraging CTIOC linguistic subcommittees to work on translations reporting to the CTIOC on progress.
• Updating the FWS website international directory.
• Collaborating with the BOT and FWS in Copyright and Document Approval Processes.

*8 Core Documents of S.L.A.A. include in order of priority:

1. Twelve Steps
2. Twelve Traditions
3. Twelve Concepts
4. S.L.A.A. Preamble
5. 12 Characteristics of Sex and Love Addiction
6. 40 Questions for Self Diagnosis
7. Signs of Recovery
8. 12 Recommended Guidelines for Dealing with the Media

If you are an international intergroup interested in translating S.L.A.A. copyrighted literature, please see the Literature Translation page for more information.

Translation Committee Flyer – Help Carry the Message Around the World!

S.L.A.A. Translation Guidelines