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Can we use billboards and public media to attract members?

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The comments below were given by various members of the Conference Steps, Traditions, and Concepts Committee and do not represent a group conscience of the entire committee. The opinions expressed here are solely that of the person giving them. Take what you like and leave the rest.

The Question

The Question:
If a group was to submit the following listing to local newspapers and community radio stations as a community service announcement would this violate any Traditions? “Do you have a problem with avoiding sex or intimacy? Do you feel unable to express your emotions fully or to emotionally connect with others? Do you feel that your capacity to have romantic relationships is damaged or dead? For more info please visit (website link).
(NOTE: this was a real time discussion at a CSTC meeting and might not contain full sentences.)

Similar to what other Fellowships have used in the past.

Personally I don’t see any violation of Tradition. Tradition 11 speaks of attraction over promotion. We are not speaking about using personality. Looks very much like ads you see on public transportation or in the newspaper. Troubled a bit regarding question regarding expressing feelings freely: many people have these difficulties, could be more related to anorexia.

12 Guidelines for Dealing with the Media, doesn’t seem to be in violation of this as long as it is by Group Conscience. Sounds much like ads I have seen on TV for other Programs. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

I don’t see any Tradition violations. A bit put off by the word “dead in one of the questions. I prefer to use more flexible and comfortable vocabulary. Word is jarring and unattractive instead of being attractive.

I do not see a Tradition violation and believe that we are agreeing with the 12 Guidelines for Dealing with the Media. I understand the concerns of others regarding not advertising, but in this situation do not have a problem with this.

I have no problem with this ad. It is something which we need in S.L.A.A., because the only way people can be attracted to us is if they know of us. This is a public service.

Tradition 4 gives them the autonomy by group conscience to do this. Tradition 11 gives the information for people to be attracted to us. This is not promoting. This is a great idea because it lets people know that we are here with information if they have a problem. The CPIC is working on announcements for groups, Intergroups and committees to use. We will see more of this in the future.

Since this is information regarding an anorexia retreat, mention of emotions is important.

Good to stress the emotions involved because many are emotionally anorexic and may also have sexual difficulties. They may be in denial regarding sexual component of their issues. Emphasizing the emotional part instead of the sexual part is good.

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The CSTCC is a group of volunteers, some of whom were ABM delegates, and others who volunteered out of interest. We do not represent a group conscience of S.L.A.A., but are committed to bringing thoughtful discussion and study of 12 Step Fellowship literature and experience to the questions that are brought to us. We offer this summary as the results of our discussions. We present the major points of concern in the hopes that wider discussion in the Fellowship will help us evolve our customs and practice of the S.L.A.A. program of recovery to better represent the loving guidance of a Higher Power. Always, we affirm the autonomy of each group and the need for each individual to follow her/his own conscience. No decision of this group, or any other, is ever forced upon another, even when we believe a practice is clearly in conflict with the Steps, Traditions, or Concepts.